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List of grooming achievements

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

October 2020 ICMG Track 1 qualification ..CPG qualified, pass marks...

100% Bathing/Grooming prep

96% Grooming

97% Written paper 1

96% written paper 2

Premier Groom, Uk's first online Grooming competition

2nd Place Champion class ( against groomers from all over the world!)

Billingham canine society online show

Best Groomed gundog

The Grooming Show 2020

2nd place Spaniel and Setter handstrip Champion class

The Grooming show Summer Spin off 2019

3rd Place Spaniel and Setter Champion Class

Premier Groom 2019

3rd Place Spaniel and Setter handstrip champion

British Dog Grooming Championships 2018

2nd Place Gundog Champion

Cymru groom 2017

2nd Place workshop Champion

3rd place Pure Breed Scissor Intermediate

British Dog Grooming Championships 2017

3rd Place Gundog Handstrip advanced class

Uk Groom off 2017

3rd Place Spaniel and setter champion class

Premier Groom 2017

3rd place Spaniel and Setter Champion class

The Grooming show 2017

1st place Spaniel and Setter handstrip, Champion Class

Premier Groom 2016

1st place Spaniel and setter handstrip open division.

British Dog grooming Championships 2015

1stPlace, , Workshop , experienced division,

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