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Winter is coming!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

It's that time of year again! Wet, muddy walks, dark both ends of the working day, twigs and leaves stuck in our dogs coat... winter coats with pockets full of poo bags and treats!

Looking after our dogs coats at this time of year is so important, we may want to put them in a coat to keep them warm and dry but this will inevitably mean friction causing matting . We may also want to bathe them at home between grooms which means towel drying for some dogs which can also cause matting. So what can we do to lessen the chance of matting between grooming sessions? Firstly, I do offer a bath and brush out between grooms which can be upgraded to a maintenance groom and have around the eyes, feet and hygiene areas trimmed.

But wat can be done at home? Well, with the right tools for your dogs coat you could do a daily brush, breaking the areas to groom into 7 parts so that it takes only a few minutes per day! so day one could be head, then next day body, after that a leg per day and finally the tail! I am always happy to advise which tools you should be using and even tell you where to get them at a great price to suit your budget!

How can you dry your dog without causing matting? you can bathe them in a dog safe shampoo and conditioner, in the salon I use Melanie Newman Salon Essentials products which are natural and vegan friendly! I am looking at stocking these in the salon soon!

So, bathe your dog in shampoo at least two washes, then pop on some conditioner, I find this is a great time to brush them through with a slicker brush then a comb , it is much easier to see and remove any matting while they are wet. When you think you have rinsed enough, rinse a bit more! Leaving product in the coat can causing irritation . Dab as much water out of the coat as possible, never ever rub! Allow you dog to then sit on some towels in a warm are for a while to soak more water out, either allow them to dry naturally or use your hairdryer on them and be careful not to have the heat set too high!

Lastly always remember that I am here at the end of a text or phone call to give as much advice as I can!

Take care and stay safe,


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