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Salon Closed :(

As some of you may know I had major surgery at the end of this month which means I need time to recover so I can continue to make your pets more beautiful when I'm better.

I'm not very mobile at the moment as surgery was 4 days ago but I'm getting there! I'm pretty stubborn and determined that I won't be out of action longer than I need to but I know I need time, I'm aiming for a couple of weeks but only time will tell if this is too ambitious or not!

I now, more than ever, need your patience and understanding but I really do understand if you need to take your beloved dog elsewhere for now but hope to see you again once I'm better.

Rest assured I will be back as soon as my body let's me, in the meantime if any of you need to chat re home grooming advice, rebooking or anything else please get in touch as I'd love to hear from you!



07716 188400

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