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At-home pet grooming tips

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Grooming your pet at home between professional grooms is an essential part of your dogs day to day care. Here are a few tips that will help you along the way..if for any reason you're struggling to groom your dog at home please don't hesitate to have a chat with me about it and between us we can come up with a solution!


Firstly you will need the right equipment, but with so much on the market and so much conflicting advice it can be a bit mind boggling! Certain coat types may need different tools but your basic at home grooming kit should be a decent slicker brush, one that will get through tats and tangles and separate the hair. You will also need a sturdy metal comb which you will use to make sure you are brushing down to the skin to avoid only making the top coat look all lovely and the coat nearest the skin being all tangled or matted. You can also choose to add a detangling spray and a dog safe cologne to your kit. I often can purchase the best equipment at the best prices for you so if there is anything you need feel free to ask!

Building up a good routine.

You need to treat at home grooming as something your dog must behave for, not a fun game where they steal the brushes from you or run away! You should start with short sessions to get your best friend used to it.. never punish them, remember it is a time for you to bond with your pet that you both should enjoy. Reward with kind words and a treat when finished, maybe do it before their dinner so they see their grooming as a good thing when they associate dinner with it. Find a secure spot, on a non slippery surface. It may be useful to keep a lead on your dog so it doesn't turn into a game of them running away and you chasing! If you struggle to find time to fit it in it is always easy to do it while watching tv, my go to method when brushing my dogs at home!

Why is it so important?

Grooming at home is important for many reasons. It can strengthen the bond between you and your best friend, keep them matt free so that when you visit the groomer he or she isn't left with no option other than to shave, which us groomers really do not enjoy doing, we want your dog to look as beautiful as possible! While grooming at home it will help you get to know your dogs body and quickly spot anything untoward like lumps, bumps and parasites! Detecting these things early are vital and in some cases save or prolong your dogs happy life with you.

So enjoy the home grooming sessions together to keep your dog happy and healthy between visits to your groomer.

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